Note: I’m actually away from the Cottage right now, but this comes from one of the pages I’ve committed to memory. It’s just one way to create Holy Water. There are lots of others. 

Shit You’ll Need:

  • Water – I used the storm water that I had left over from making war water, since my family sees thunderstorms as cleansing.
  • Salt 
  • One or two verses of ‘script of truth’. This can be anything you believe sacred. Bible verses. Gospel songs. Prayers. A reading from a saga or epic. Whatever.

Step One: If you’re using rainwater, boil it for ten to fifteen minutes to remove impurities and keep things from growing in it. 

Step Two: ‘Bless’ your water by reading one of your chosen verses over it. Do the same with your salt. 

Step Three: Pour the salt into the water and stir it. 

Presto changeo, ordinary rain water becomes Holy Water by ‘boiling the Hell out of it’ and blessing it with the ‘truth’ of your choice.


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