Anon, unless you want divination, I’m not going to be able to validate your experience. 

Is it possible that you imagined success in invoking a goddess? More than likely. The human brain does that. Repetitive chant can induce a trance-state that can have effects on the physical body such as the weird feeling in your hands.

Is it also possible that you invoked a goddess? Maybe. People have been doing that for a long time. It could happen.

Good questions to ask yourself in this situation:

  • Do you know the norms of your mental health? Is this experience akin to your mental health norms? Is this experience like or unlike what your brain is normally doing at the time of day this was done (provided your meals and sleep schedules were the same as usual)?
  • Have you worked with chants before? Is this experience the norm for your working with repetition?
  • Have you previously used the herbs and chemicals in your bath? Have you experienced any trance-like side effects, drowsiness, etc with those herbs? If you’ve not worked with them before, look them up, make sure none can cause such effects, and look to see if any of them might have reactions with any medications you’re on.
  • Have you done divination to support your experience? What has it said? 

In the end, as long as you’re not running around telling the world that you’re a great goddess-channel and offering to channel for other people, what it comes down to is:

  • Do I believe I had a spiritual experience—all other factors aside?
  • Was it meaningful to me? 

Don’t do anything that damages yourself. Don’t use your experience to hurt other people. And there you go. 

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