For the record, taking other, mundane possibilities into account does not make you any less magical or any less faithful. Keeping an eye on your mental health and analyzing shit while experimenting with dream work and spirit walking doesn’t invalidate your experiences. In fact, the more you learn about the scientific theories, psychology, and mathematical concepts that can support your experiences, the more interesting the practice becomes.

And it doesn’t make you close minded. On the contrary, believing in the spiritual side and refusing to believe the mundane side is just as close-minded as the reverse option. I think it’s actually really healthy to have one foot in each world. It lessens the chance of falling in with a bad crowd and getting brainwashed. (You think I’m fucking kidding, but I’m actually not.)

In circles wholly based on spirituality and such, there are a lot of predators and a lot of danger. Hive mind, which happens a lot in these kinds of communities, is a pretty dangerous thing. So, yes, have your experiences. Believe in them. Share them if you want to. But also analyze them. Analyze them privately. And do so enough to come to your own firm understandings of your brain and what it is and is not doing, what it’s telling you, etc. Because understanding your brain and yourself as well as possible will help protect you from predatory people in your community. 


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