Today, my mom asked if I wanted to go to church with her. My mom is a youth leader, and she said the kids are at an age where they have a lot of questions about religion. “You’re into that kind of thing,” she said. “You know a lot about religion. And you need hours for your teaching program. You should come help.”

So I walk into the room all ready to answer questions about religions and talk to some curious kiddos. And what’s the first question I get asked? Hazard a guess?

“I know people say it’s against Christianity, but I’m interested in witchcraft. Can I practice witchcraft and be a Christian?”

Oh, kid. I picked the right day to come to church.

There may or may not be a kid somewhere with my url, business card, email address, some recommended blogs, and a break down of what the various words in the Bible that were translated into ‘witchcraft’ actually meant.


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