Let me tell you a thing…again. Witches—of both the religious and non-religious variety—are human. Yes, we are. Just as there are some ‘bad’ humans, there are some ‘bad’ witches. The media is not causing you any offense by portraying witches as bad—furthermore there are just as many good witches in the media as there are bad ones. Often in the same books/movies/shows. 

So yeah, you’ve got your villains and you’ve got your neutral witches, but you’ve also got your Harry Potters, your Dumbledores, your Hermione Grangers, your Merlins, your Willow Rosenburgs, your *gag* Charmed Ones, your David Stutlers, your Cassandra Nightengales, your Sallies and Gillies, and your Glendas.

Don’t try that ‘the media is making us look bad’ shit with me. Because it’s not true. 


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