Shit You’ll Need: 

  • a poppet – for this spell it would be best if the opening of your poppet were a vertical cut down the belly, but most premade poppets leave an opening near the foot
  • several small stones or crystals
  • herbs for strength, power, and protection—for example ceder, thorns, oak sawdust, etc.
  • red or black thread

Step One: Before you fill your poppet, make it look as much like yourself as possible. You can do this with paint, embroidery, cloth pens, etc. Name it as yourself and stuff a little hair, fingernails, etc into to poppet. 

Step Two: Stuff your poppet with your herbs. Be careful to avoid anything you’re allergic to and test all of your ingredients for allergic reaction before using. 

Step Three: Hold your stones or crystals—I would use actual rocks from outside, but you might find crystals more fitting for your practice—in your hand and focus on empowering them with strength. Place them into the poppet one at a time, saying:

When I look into myself,
let me find the strength to overcome my fears, 
the strength to admit when I am wrong,
the strength to move on from my past,
the strength to tackle my future,
the strength to go after my dreams,
and the strength to know when to ask for help.

I am the poppet and the poppet is me.
As I give him/her/them these qualities,
I give them also to myself.

This spoken charm can be modified to fit whatever strength you need. 

Step Four: Sew the opening up with red or black thread (red for strength and aggression, black for protection). When the poppet is closed, sew a little of your hair over the thread.

Keep your poppet in a safe place and make sure it come to no harm.


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