Note: The user who requested this spell asked for “a spell to keep a friend or a lover from fading away from you”. I figured that’s a little vague and could be taken as binding your friends/loves against their will, which isn’t a thing I feel like I want to do to my lovers and friends. So, I’ve written this spell to encourage happy, healthy relationships that people will be less likely to want to leave. This spell is modifiable for lovers, but is written for friends. 

Shit You’ll Need:

  • a yellow votive or pillar candle (pink, if you’re modifying the spell for romance)
  • Orange oil (optional, you can use essential or fragrance—just don’t use anything that’d going to go up in flames and destroy your curtains)
  • a knife

Step One (optional): Dress your candle in orange oil to promote sweetness and happiness (or some shit like that that Khal doesn’t take part in). 

Step Two: Pick up your knife and cut 7 notches into the side of your candle. As you do, say:

When we fight, let us make amends well.
When we laugh, let it be sincere.
When we cry, let us trust each other.
When we love, let us be loyal. 
When we speak, let it truthful. 
When we hurt, let us comfort each other.
And, if we part, let it be on good terms.

Step Three: Light your candle. You can sit with it and focus your energy on your spell. Or you can let the candle burn out on its own.


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