Anon asked: Can you share your fever-breaking magic with us?

Sure. *cracks knuckles* This is going to be long-winded though. 
It actually works for breaking sickness in general, but I was focused on the fever. Ideally, the person performing this spell wouldn’t be the person who was actually ill—but I figured it would do me some good to get up and moving anyway. And, just fair warning, it involved CLEANING.
First thing you’re going to do is move the sick person into another room. Make sure they’re comfortable. Give them some tea. I usually use black tea with orange peel and cinnamon when I’m trying to both comfort and invigorate someone. But there’s also a cinnamon spice tea that comes pre-blended—and is super cheap, I know, because everything we have is super cheap!—that works well. Just remember, if they have a fever, don’t give them tea with milk!
Now, go back to the room where the sick person has been staying. For this post, we’re going to assume it’s their bedroom. Light some candles. You can do incense, lavender, or cedar—but you probably want to avoid too much smoke in the house if the illness is respiratory, besides I promise we’ll get all the elements incorporated somehow for balance. I usually like a candle in as many places in the room as I can. You don’t want to make it too hot on yourself as you’ll be cleaning, but you want to get the cleansing effect of the fire all around. 
After you’ve done that, strip down the bed, flip the mattress and toss the bedclothes into a hamper or a pile on the floor. Pick up all of the sick-clothes (maybe only my family says this, but it means the clothes that have been worn during the illness) and add them to the pile. Clear out all of the sick-dishes and put them into a sink of hot water, where you can let them soak for a while; and pick up any garbage. Scatter salt around the room and on the pile of clothes, then remove the clothes from the room—but try to make sure you’re not carrying the dishes or clothes through the same room as your ‘patient’. Get the household broom (which will be your air element, in case you’re concerned about that)—because you don’t want this kind of ick on your magical one—and sweep up the salt and dust around the room. (You want to make sure that you’re using the side opposite the one you normally sweep with. So…you know the part of the broom that’s curved out because of sweeping? Use the point. If you don’t have a straw broom, it might be tricky to identify which side you normally use, so don’t worry too much about it.) You want to sweep from the innermost corner of the room to the door. If the room has outdoor access, sweep it outside. If not, you can either sweep into a dustpan and throw it outside or sweep it through the house until you can sweep it outside. (If the room has carpet, you can use baking soda instead of salt and vacuum it up!)
Nextly, make up a wash with hot water and whatever oil and herbs you want. (I used orange oil and nutmeg oil, because both are healing/invigorating and orange oil is really good for the wood floors.) Again, if you have carpet, you can make a similar wash for your windowsills and doors. 
Then, wash up the dishes, toss the clothes into the laundry, and when your little patient is feeling up to it, have them take a shower (not a bath if possible). And make sure they pay special attention to washing their feet (where toxins supposedly leave the body) and hair (because sick people get oily fast and they’ll be itchy otherwise). 


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