To Re-establish a Link Between Two People

A Note: The spell was written to work with the imagery of my lines. Casting lines, in specific. But it can work for anyone, whether they use lines or not. I’ve only worked it with permission from both parties, but that’s a personal preference. Do what you want. I’m not the boss of you.

You Will Need:

  • 2 candles
  • some string
  • scissors

Step One: Carve the names of your targets into your candles (one name per candle). Set them side-by-side on your workspace.

Step Two: Using one piece of string—preferably a really long one that gives you room to reach for things like lighters and scissors without tugging too much—connect a line from your left index finger to one candle, between the candles, and from the second candle to your right index finger. There should be a knot on each finger and a knot on each candle/candle holder.

Step Three: CAREFULLY light your candles. As you do, say something like “I light this candle as a symbol of ______. May its flame burn as his/her/their/eir energy.”

Step Four: Focus on connecting/reconnecting your targets, saying something like “I use my lines/energy/will to tie ______ and ______ (back) together. As the string between them connects these candles, so may they be connected to each other.” 

Step Five: CAREFULLY cut the stings that tie your fingers to the candles. Say, “May ______ and _______ be connected to each other, but not to me. Whatever they will do to each other will not affect me.” 

Step Six: Let your candles burn down. OR, if you have to blow them out, tie the stubs together and keep them in a safe place. 


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