Self-Centered Bubble-Bursting Curse

I wrote this spell for my cousin, who needs a little eye opening lately because she’s self-absorbed and treats people like shit. 

  • image or representation of target
  •  jar large enough to hold the symbol of the target

Step One: Find or create your image/symbol of your target. I used a small corn husk doll with my target’s hair wrapped around it. 

Step Two: Place the doll/image in the jar. Since my target it also spoiled, I filled the rest of the jar with sweet things like candy, spices, and flowers. Seal it.

Step Three: Keep the jar for three days. On each day, peck on the glass and tell the doll, “It’s time to wake up and open your eyes.”

Step Four: On the fourth day, take the jar to a place where you can break it without the rick of hurting anyone. Tap on the glass one last time and say “It’s time to wake up and open your eyes. Look around you and see more than your own wants and needs.”

Step Five: Kiss the jar and say “[Target’s name], as this jar shatters, so will your selfishness. It’s time for a rude awakening.” Drop the jar, making sure it breaks on the first try.

Step Six: Sweep up the glass and discard it. Keep the image/symbol as close as possible to the target. 


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