Protection from Curses

A Disclaimer: I am one person and my opinions (which I have in abundance) may not reflect the opinions of other witches, in general, or other people who call themselves hearth witches. In fact, they probably won’t, because I’m an asshole. I have a bizarre sense of humor that doesn’t convey well in text and I rant about shit I don’t like. A lot. If you don’t think you can handle that, maybe don’t read anything I write. Ever.


With all this talk of curses (and some actual curses) being hurled around tumblr, it seemed fitting that  my next post ought to be about curses. Unfortunately, I figured out while writing my intro to these posts, curses are a very big subject. And they’re gonna need a lot of posts. 

So, the next three or four posts are going to be about curses—fending off, casting, and removing. If you don’t believe in casting curses, that’s fine. There’s still stuff to be learned in here. And, if you still have questions after this series is done, my inbox is always open. 

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Cursed?

There are a number of ways a curse can manifest. They can show up as bad luck, trouble sleeping, nightmares, sudden illness, little things going missing, unusually amount of spirit traffic, etc. The list is actually quite extensive and overwhelming, and kind of makes everyone seem cursed. 

If you suspect yourself of being cursed, I would advise a tarot or pendulum reading for confirmation. In the meantime, this post will be about things you can do to protect yourself from curses not yet cast.

But Haven’t We Gone Over Something Like That Before?

Why, yes, attentive reader, we have. And it’s all right here, if you want to use that stuff too. 


This is a thing that I talk about a lot, but never explain. Basically, setting up an alarm is setting up a signal to alert you to a specific thing. Curses can be that thing if you like. 

There are lots of ways to set up an alarm, but I’m just going to go over my go-to way. You can use an object like a bell or a stone or something. Or you can just make it up. For this example, we’ll just use a bell. 

Ring the bell to become familiar with the sound. Keep ringing it until you’re able to mentally recreate it after the ringing has stopped. This could be on the first ring or the thirteenth. 

If you’re working on an alarm for curses, you can add a little spoken spell, like:

“When a curse is coming near, let a bell ring in my ear.” 


“Let this sound be my alarm, when magic seeks to bring me harm.”

OR, if you’re not into rhymes

“I want to hear this sound in the event that someone tries to curse me.”

This can be really handy, because you may be able to get rid of the curse before it takes effect. 

Creating a Scapegoat

Creating a scapegoat is super easy to do. I have to make a lot of them, because they break/go missing/etc whenever they absorb a curse; but it’s better than absorbing it myself.

There is a little figurine on my property that is made to absorb any curses that come my way. He’s made of clay, and I didn’t actually do a spoken spell to make him. But I made him with the intent of attracting curses away from me, gave him a little bit of my energy as sort of a target, and put him in a circle of magnets for a few days before setting him to work. 

They don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, apart from the occasional offering. And, if you never get cursed you never have to make another one. 

Sucking Up Negativity & Bouncing It Back

Sometimes ‘curses’ can be unintentionally thrown off balls of negativity. To deal with this, I literally just keep bowls of lemons around. 

If you’re not big on keeping lemons just sitting around your house (but why would you not be?) you can also keep a small mirror on your windowsill to bounce things back. 

Don’t Neglect Your Protection

If you want to be able to rely on the magic you have in place to protect you, you have to occasionally patch up holes and make offerings. Things need to be kept physically and magically clean to keep working. You can’t really just put up walls and leave them untended, because they’ll weaken over time and fade away.


None of the things I just mentioned will help you with curses already placed—because my friends and I have been cursing a lot lately, so why would I tell you how to get rid of that?—but it will help with curses to come.


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