Khal’s ‘You’re Only Second Rate’ Curse Jar

A curse to confound and confuse, to catch your target by surprise; something a little difficult to send back, to make the caster HBIC.

You think your cat’s a meanie,
But your tiger’s tame
You’ve got a lot to learn
About the genie game
So for your information,
I’ll reiterate
You’re only second rate!
Men cower at the power
In my pinky
My thumb is number one
On every list
But if you’re not convinced
That I’m invincible,
Put me to the test!
I’d love to lay this rivalry to rest!

Shit You’ll Need:

  • a jar
  • a candle
  • target’s hair or fingernails 
  • broken glass or mirror – for the confused, house of mirrors affect; and to make it sure that the curse always bounces back to where it belongs if someone attempts to send it away
  • caster’s urine or spit – to gain power over the target
  • vodka or whiskey (or other alcohol) – to slow reaction time and inhibit ability
  • mugwort – for the sleepy, groggy feeling; and lack of will to retaliate
  • glass paint – for isolation and darkness

Step One – Light your candle. As the wax drips, collect it and roll your target’s hair or fingernail clippings into it. (It doesn’t have to be a ball it can just be a clump.) Drop it into your jar. 

Step Two: Add glass and mirror fragments to the jar, with the specific wish to cause pain and confusion, so that the target won’t be able to make sense of who sent the curse let alone send it back.

Step Three: Add mugwort. 

Step Four: Add your own urine or spit. 

Step Five: Fill the rest of the jar with alcohol to promote confusion and inhibit abilities. 

Step Six: Seal the jar tightly. And shake.

Step Seven: Paint your jar with glass paint to make sure your target is totally isolated in their curse.

Step Eight: Whenever you fill provoked, shake the hell out of that jar.


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