Khal’s Mine, Mine, Mine Greed Curse

 A curse to take material comfort away from a greedy person.

It’s gold. And it’s mine, mine, mine.

Shit You’ll Need:

  • a coin ‘borrowed’ from your target
  • a piece of red cloth, stuffing, and thread
  • a Sharpie or black marker

Step One: Borrow (or steal) a coin from your target. Preferably right from their pocket or ‘piggy bank’. 

Step Two: Fold your red cloth in half and cut out a heart (so that you end up having two identical pieces. Sew them together, leaving an opening big enough for your coin and some stuffing. 

Step Three: Place the coin inside the heart and stuff it with your fluff (or rice or whatever). 

Step Four: Sew the heart up completely. Say:

The miser, the greedy will become the needy.

Step Five: Using your marking, draw a clear, large ‘X’ on the heart. Say:

Comfort and gold you may yearn for,
but neither of those will you have.
Times of plenty are over.
Material wealth taken away.

Greedy to needy.
Greedy to needy.
Greedy to needy. 

Step Six: Place the heart somewhere it will not be disturbed (in the target’s house or place of work. if possible).


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