Khal’s Gaston Vanity-Breaking Curse

 A curse to take someone’s self-esteem out at the knees

Shit You’ll Need:

  • a mirror
  • a photo of your target 
  • tape, string, or glue
  • a pen or marker

Step One: Take your picture of your target and cross out their face (making sure to cross out both eyes, as you’re trying change their perception). 

Step Two: On the back of the photo, write down all of the bad traits you want your target to see in themselves. These can be physical or non-physical traits. 

Step Three: Place the photo face-up on the mirror (with your writing pressed to the glass. Tape, glue, tie, or otherwise bind the photo to the mirror; thus binding the bad traits to the target’s perception. 

Step Four: Say

By my command, your perception is changed.
One by one, you will notice these blemishes.
And they will eat at you, day after day.

This is my wish. This is my command.

Step Five: Hide the mirror away somewhere, as close as possible to where the target sleeps.


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