Fire & Water Cleansing Ritual

The second of the rituals I’ve mentioned over the past few days was written to help me conquer the negative memories that a certain situation brought back, as well as to help me overcome the ways in which a negative experience had altered my perception. 

  • bowl of ‘cleansing water’ 
  •  cleansing smoke (optional)
  •  candles (or other fire)

Step One: Make your cleansing water. This can be plain tap water, salt water, or whatever you associate with cleansing. Mine was made by pouring hot water over rosemary and letting it steep until cool. You can strain the herbs out, if you like, but I didn’t.

Step Two: Light your candles or fire. Place the bowl of water in a place where the fire’s light reflects on the surface. (The idea is to combine the cleansing properties of the water and the destructive properties of the fire, to completely wipe out any energy that would negatively affect you.) 

Step Three: Charging time. You can use this time in whatever way you see fit. By addressing the memories your experience brought up. By reciting a poem that resonates with your situation. Whatever. I spent mine in prayer to my god of choice, who has been with me from the original situation to the one that caused its memories to resurface. 

Step Four: Dip your hands into the water and touch them to the parts of your body that you want cleansed, announcing the result you want. Example:

§                                 “Remove ______ from my mind so I can release these memories.”

§                                 “Remove ______ from my sight so I may see clearly.”

§                                 “Remove ______ from my heart so I may trust again.”

Redip your hands as often as you need. 

Step Five:Wash your hands in the bowl and say:

“I remember my right to anger. I remember my right feel pain. I remember my right to protect myself. I remember who I am. I remember what I have survived, and I know I will overcome this.”

Step Six: (optional) Light your cleaning smoke of choice and smoke-cleanse as you normally do. I used cedar and sweetgrass; but that’s because it was on hand. 

You can use the left over cleansing water to anoint your doors and windows for added cleansing if you like. Or just discard it outside. 


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