Evicting Unwanted Ghostly Company – A Collection of Eviction & Prevention Practices

Part Three in my ‘Living With the Un-Living’ Series

First, I didn’t have a picture for this, so I’m sorry it’s not as pretty as the others. Second, this post has been a long time coming but, as you may have read, I’ve been dealing with a kind of supernatural warfare in my house that I had to deal with. But it’s all over now, so we can move on. 


Today we’re going to talk about the last part of ghostly house parties that I’m allowed to talk about—because my Unci wouldn’t let me tell you how to make your house a no-fly zone. Dang her. Anyway, let’s talk about eviction.

There are a million and one reasons you might want a ghost out of your house. Your reasons are your own and, frankly, not my business; because it’s your house. 

Own Your Home

Not literally, but like we talked about in part two. You have to own your home. You have to have conviction for things to work. 

Showing Them the Door

One of the easiest ways to let a ghost know they’re over stayed their welcome is to show them the door. Literally. Open the door. Walk to the central point of your house and announce that the door is open, the spirit is not welcome, and command them to leave the house. If you’re feeling generous, you may want to give them a time frame—3 min, 5 min, 10 min—after which the door should be closed.

A Farewell Party 

This version of this spell can be found in The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes, but you can find similar rituals elsewhere. It works well in cases where the identity of a spirit is unknown. 

  •  Make distinctly male or female doll from wood or earthen clay. It is important you use bio degradable material to make so the doll can decay. 
  •  Give the dolls a feast of the dead in their honour. 
  •  When you end your feast explain to the doll that represents the ghost, their wandering is also over. 
  • Bury the doll in uncultivated land where they are unlikely to be undisturbed. 

Similarly, a doll can be given a ‘proper funeral’ to lay a spirit to rest. 

Backwards Ghost Spell

Also Judika Iles. 

  •  Light a white candle 
  •  Carry it in your right hand, in your left hand some salt. 
  • Walk through your rooms backwards, sprinkling salt as you go. Make sure you have enough salt in your pocket so you don’t have to backtrack. 
  •  Ask the spirit to be gone. 
  • At the topmost part of your house, extinguish the candle. 

Keeping You Home Ghost-Free


Now with more stuff from Judika Iles, mostly because she’s already said what I want to say. 

Creating a boundary:

  •  Place three peeled garlic cloves in a bowl, with one handful of sea salt and one handful of fresh rosemary leaves. 
  • Grind the ingredients together. 
  • Sprinkle them to create a boundary as needed. 

Haunting Prevention 


Ghosts may be prevented from haunting a house by surrounding a home with herbs such as laurel trees, rowan trees and lilies. You can also fumigate your house with camphor and mint. Another method of preventing ghost is to sprinkle an infusion of bayberry inside and around the perimeter of a house. This helps to remove old ghosts and prevent new ones. A laurel branch will give you extra power. Hanging Raspberry vines over the entrances to your house will also prevent ghosts from entering.


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