Doors and Locks Protection Ritual

This protection ritual literally requires no supplies that you don’t have—unless you don’t have a door. (And, you know, the back part of my house used to be made of cardboard—so it’s possible.) Perform the ritual at each of the outside doors in your house, one door at a time. 

  1. Open and close your door three times. Say: “This door opens to let out the bad and let in the good, and closes to protect my house and family from harm. For what gets past my wards, this door will be another obstacle. Let nothing enter without permission, and let unwelcome guest know when it’s time to move on. From the doors to the windows, from the hearth to the walls; this house is my own, and I am at no one’s mercy.” 
  2. Turn each of the locks on each door three times. As you do so, say: “As this lock turns, let it strengthen my wards ans serve to protect my home and family. Let it stop intruders—human, non-human, and once-human—who would enter without my permission. From the locks to the chimney, from the bricks to the studs; this house is my own, and I am at no one’s mercy.”
  3. This protection should become stronger every time you close and lock your doors. (I continue to do each three times every night.) But, if you feel like the ritual has fizzled out, it’s easily repeated. 

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