Corn-Husk Wolf Banishing Ritual

I have a ton of asks in my inbox about the rituals I’ve been talking about over the past few days. I don’t normally do this, but since so many people are asking and I understand how important it is to banish toxic energies from your life, I’ve decided to make an exception. 

A Note: This ritual was done after I had already physically removed the person from my life. I didn’t use it to remove them. I used it to remove any chance I had of reconnecting with them and to clean up the energy they left behind. When I did this ritual, it forced me through the emotions that I would normally have gone through over the months the followed the end of a friendship is just a couple of days. That was slightly intense. It may not happen with everyone, but it is something you want to be prepared for. 

  • symbol of the person
  • symbol of your bond
  • camp/bonfire (or a fireproof container) 

Step One: Hold the symbol of the person you’re trying to banish (I used a corn-husk ‘doll’ in the shape of a wolf, but you can use anything) in your hands and focus on attaching their energy to the object. Think about memories you have with them—both good and bad—and push all of those memories into the object. (If you have letters, emails, etc from them, it may be helpful to read those aloud to the object.)

Step Two: Take the object that symbolizes your bond/connection and wrap it around the symbol of the person. (I used a sweetgrass braid—since we were actually part of a ‘trio’, which I wrapped around the wolf’s neck like a collar.) Announce:

I give these memories, good and bad, away.
They are not welcome here.

I give these moments, good and bad, away.
They are not welcome here. 

I give back all that you gave me.
You are not welcome here.

Step Three: Start your fire. (I used cedar and rosemary for my fire, as both are used for cleansing.) 

Step Four: Say your final and firm goodbyes to the object. Let it know that there is no room in your life for that person anymore. Say whatever you need to say to bury the relationship forever, and throw the object into the fire. 

Once the object is burned down, put out the fire. If you are at home, remove the ashes from your property when they are cool. If you are not, don’t touch them.


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