Casting Curses

Note: I’m not back. Tumblr almost had me back in its grasp for a second until I saw all the stupid on my post about Satanists. So yeah…no. The Khal won’t be touching that and will not be back yet. Actually, what I came to write you about was curses. Specifically, casting them (and hopefully before Spidey has time to pop up and rechange my password as requested. Again.). 

Postnote: If you’re silly enough to believe that I’m publishing all of my cursing techniques—therefore, if I cursed you it must be with one of these things *round trip to reversal town*—you arr super cute. *cheek pinches* Also, if you think I didn’t put up specific protections for the things I’m posting BEFORE I posted them, I want to come live in your beautiful, up-front little world, where no one has secrets and everyone can be trusted.

Curses and Ethics

Luckily, witchcraft as a practice doesn’t have a code of ethics. Individual witches might and religions that happen to work with witchcraft might—but not the practice. Which means, the decision about whether or not to curse is the individuals and no one else’s. Literally, the only time you have a right to say anything about it is when you’re on the receiving end of one. 

Cursing (as discussed here) can be a part of your witchy defense because they can give you more control over a situation than what you would normally have

Cursing Basics

When you’re casting a curse there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Be as specific as possible about your intent. This is for a couple of reasons. First, it’s easier to put all of your energy into one event or one corner of someone’s life than it is to just let it go and say “wreak havoc”. I mean, that can work. But, if you’re just starting out, it’s easier to be specific. Secondly, it cuts out the wondering if some terrible thing that happened was your curse. 
  • Don’t get too hung up on ingredients. If you have intent and anger, you can improvise the rest. 
  • Work with what you have. If you don’t have a bottle, use a candle. If you don’t have anything, fume and focus. 

So, even though I don’t have a lot of time before I get caught—super-secret underground blogging,yay—let’s go over a few different ways to curse. 

One – A Candle Curse

There are tons of different ways to curse with candles, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at all. Candles are super awesome a versatile things (in and outside of witchcraft). One of the easiest ways to cast a curse—especially when your supplies are limited—is by carving your target’s name into the side of a candle. Because there are so many different kinds of candles, you can probably find one that will cater whatever curse you’re looking to cast. (Seriously, penis candles for impotence, marriage candles to melt someone’s marriage away, human-figure candles to make someone burn up with guilt or angry, two-tone candles (for example yellow and green) to turn someone from wealth to envy. The list could go on forever.) But, if you don’t have fancy candles, carving (or writing) your targets name on the side of a candle works just fine. You could also use sigils or (if the candles big enough) whole commands. 

Generally, I use white candles for everything. White candles are the blank canvas over candles. They can be used for anything. But there are a few exceptions. 

  • If I want to banish someone, I’ll use a black candle. Or if I want them to feel isolated in their curse.
  • If my curse is running in full wrath mode, I will use the brightest, most violent shade of red I can find.

Whatever color candle you use doesn’t matter. Find a candle, inscribe it (anoint it if you choose), focus on your intent, and light it. Bam. Quick and easy curse. 

Two – Curse Jars & Bottles

Tumblr loves curse jars/bottles, in case you haven’t noticed. (And if you haven’t notice, where have you been?) Again, this is a thing that everyone has their own way of doing, but I can share mine. 

Step-By-Step Curse Bottle/Jar:

  • Find a target. Acquire bottle/jar.
  • Find a ‘token’ item. Something that holds the targets essence. This could be hair, the last drop from a cup they’ve used, finger/toenails, fibers from a towel they’ve used (or an article of clothing), a piece of their jewelry, or even their name written on a piece of paper. (Although I usually use cloth or ragpaper, as regular paper will fall apart.) Throw it in jar.
  • Find some sharp shit. Broken glass (mirrors for bad luck), nails, tacks, thorns, etc will do.  Throw it in the jar. 
  • (Optional) Find some herbs. I like to use cat’s claw to claw my target to pieces, and Queen of the Meadow to establish authority over whatever area of their life I’m dipping my hand into. ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ is a good rule here. Know their allergies. Know what they dislike and throw that shit in the jar!
  • Find some anger. Two of my favorite ways to express anger are with piss and spit. (To the point that I now actually salivate more when I’m angry than otherwise.) Find something that represents your anger and throw it in the jar.
  • Fill your bottle/jar. I usually use vinegar—or, where acoholism is involved booze—but you could use other things to. Milk (which I don’t really recommend if you’re going to keep the jar in your presence), water, oil, lemon juice, whatever. Personally i like to leave a little room so that I’m able to shake the jar and watch the sharp pieces assault the token object.
  • Seal your jar/bottle. Since my bottles all have corks, I usually do this by dripping a little candle wax around the rim of the bottle/jar, sticking the cork in it, and then covering the cork in wax. If you don’t have cork, or a surplus of candles, you could also use a little superglue on the lid of your container.

I usually accompany this with some spellwork at my altar, but the act of putting the jar together is a spell that stands on its own. 

How you store your jar is up to you. If I have the opportunity, I will bury it on or near my target’s property or hide it somewhere associated with them. I also keep a few on my ‘trophy shelf’ where I can shake them whenever I feel necessary. 

Three – Sympathetic Cursing

Sympathetic cursing is the act of naming an object are someone, creating a link, and torturing the object. You can use a poppet, if you like. You can also use a photograph of the person, an item you associate with them, or anything really. The point is, during your spell, the object becomes that person. Getting an object as close to them as possible means less of a jump for you, but it’s not strictly necessary. Here’s my preferred method.

You can do this at an altar, if you want, but it’s not needed. Take your object, clean it up (so that it’s physically clean of things that might tie it to anyone else), light a candle next to it (this is optional, but it does help me) and say something like:

“I name this [object] as [target’s full name]. As it suffers, let [target’s first name] suffer. As I speak to it, let [target’s first name] hear my words.”

This establishes the link between your object (whatever it may be) and your target. That means you can yell at the object and get your message across to the target, inflict pain on the object to create discomfort in your target, tie your object up to bind your target—etc. The possibilities go beyond curses!

[It break this link, you can take your item to running water (a river, creek, etc) or put it out in the rain/under a faucet and say something like: “May the link between this object and [target’s full name] be washed away. This work is done.”]

Getting a Boost

Sometimes a little more is needed than what one person can do on their own. Then you have the option of asking a spirit or deity for help. But beware they will ask for something in return. To avoid unwanted propositions later on, be specific about what you are willing to give in reutrn. And follow through


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