‘By My Weapon’ Banishing Ritual

Sometimes energy comes back when you banish it. In this case, it may be a good idea to focus the energy into an object and remove it from yourself. Or assassinate it. For the last of the rituals I’ve mentioned this week, I had help from Balrog, who bound the pesky energy so that it wouldn’t bounce between us anymore. We both did our own witchy things. This was mine.

  • Target (or dartboard)
  • Weapon (or darts)
  • Energy

Step One: Bind the energy to an object. Balrog did that on her end but; if you’re doing it yourself, you can always focus it into the target itself. If you’re working from a distance, you’ll need to create a link between your target and the object, which I did by placing my hand on the target and chanting:

Where X’s energy is bound,
with headstone, bones, and hallowed ground*
there let my weapon’s point be found. 

Sikte godt. Skyt godt.
Min pilen er velsignet.

*This energy was bound in a graveyard, so the headstones, bones, and hallowed ground were relevant. You could easily adapt the words for yourself. They don’t need to rhyme.

Step Two: With intent, give the target your all with your weapon of choice. Focus on destroying the unwanted energy like you’re killing your worst enemy. 

Step Three: When you feel done, say:

By my [weapon of choice] you have been banished.
By my command, you will not return.

You are not welcome.


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