Banishing Baddies a la Khal

  • Step 1: Close all the doors and windows. Because, I considered hissing a threat, and you don’t get the option to leave if you threaten me, bud. 
  • Step 2: Line the windows, doors, and mirrors with salt. Nothing comes it. Nothing goes out.
  • Step Three: Burn an offering on the ancestral altar, ring their bell, and promise fire water later if they help with the banishing. 
  • Step Four: Light a beeswax candle and ask Tunkasila for protection. 
  • Step Five: Hang a cleansed quartz crystal in the middle of the room. 
  • Step Six: Light sage. Grab rattle. 
  • Step Seven: Go to the east corner of the room. Circle the room in ‘sneak up’ dance-style (a traditional ‘hunting’ dance), spiraling toward the center of the room burning sage, shaking rattle, and singing. 
  • Step Eight: Chase baddie to the crystal, with your ancestors as backup. 
  • Step Nine: Circle crystal, focusing on sucking negative energy and baddies into it.
  • Step Ten: Take that motherfucker outside and leave it there—because that kind of behavior is not allowed in the house!

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