Auntie Dearest Curse Jar

  • Vinegar, mixed with the last little bit of Aunt’s coffee
  • a picture of her that I rubbed over the edge of the cup
  • my spit, specifically that I spit while thinking hate to her
  • a coyote hair
  • Cat’s Claw – to ‘claw to pieces’
  • Thistle – to stick the curse to her alone
  • Lemon peel – to remove her negativity from all others
  • Catnip – so that her actions drive her mad
  • Pins and Needles – to cause her pain when she does harm to others
  • String – to bind her to the consequences of her actions

Before sealing the jar, I dripped wax over the edge of the lid. After sealing it, I placed a black candle on the lid and burned it, pressing pins and needles into the soft wax with the intent of something I wished to gain from the curse.

Finished off with the washing of hands and an official disowning.  


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